PCD Target 9 Million Kilos of Waste

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Computer and IT recycling firm PC Disposals has set itself a target of saving over 9,000,000 kgs of e-waste from going to landfill sites by the end of 2009. “Our new facility in Welwyn Garden City means that we can process much more in a shorter time period” said Tim Hayden, managing Director of PC Disposals. “Our aim is to re-use as much IT equipment as possible including recycling component parts through our partnership with Sims Recycling Solutions”.

PC Disposals has a zero tolerance approach to selling e-waste either within the UK or abroad. “Profiting out of e-waste to the detriment of the environment goes against everything that PCD stands for” said Tim Hayden. Unfortunately many cowboy traders have appeared over the last few years offering WEEE services only to sell their e-waste to Africa. To read more on PCD’s environmental policy please go here or alternatively call 01707 378278.

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