GDPR Compliance

Centrex Lifecycle Solutions Limited GDPR Compliance Statement

The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is a privacy and data protection regulation in the European Union and will be enforceable from May 25 2018. This regulation did not require any enabling legislation, so automatically became binding and applicable on that date.

GDPR imposed new obligations on organisations that control or process relevant personal data and introduced new rights and protections for European Union data subjects. It applies to data processing carried out by organisations operating within the European Union. It also applies to organisations outside the EU that offer goods or services to individuals within the European Union.

Centrex Lifecycle Solutions Limited understands the importance of information security and within our company we comply with the standards as required and also focus greatly on information data security aspects. Centrex Lifecycle Solutions Limited understands are compliant with GDPR as a processor and controller of data and have forward planning and continually developing systems and policies in place, which will ensure we continue to deliver all that is required by the legislation. This will involve working with our suppliers, staff and customers as appropriate to ensure we continue to meet these obligations.

Furthermore, Centrex Lifecycle Solutions Limited engages the services of external advisors to ensure we deliver compliance, and are fully GDPR compliant.

Centrex Lifecycle Solutions Limited does not generally hold or process any detailed personal data information and where we do we would make contact with the affected parties by way of a separate communication.

Centrex Lifecycle Solutions Limited only generally retain business related names, email addresses, telephone numbers, job titles & workplace postal addresses, all of which will only be used for our joint day to day business requirements and under no circumstances will any of this information be passed to or shared with a third party without their express permission.

Centrex Lifecycle Solutions Limited have undertaken all relevant training and forward conveyed the responsibilities of our employees to them to ensure compliance by all of our employees.

Centrex Lifecycle Solutions Limited completes ongoing analysis our IT systems and also utilise the services of ESET to protect our systems. To this end, no risks have been identified.

Centrex Lifecycle Solutions Limited will be using all reasonable endeavours to ensure that our third party suppliers and partners are concurrently complying with GDPR requirements.

Centrex Lifecycle Solutions Limited have offered all staff and external contacts the opportunity to opt out of receiving communication should they wish to do so.

Centrex Lifecycle Solutions Limited is committed to GDPR and indeed will strive to continue to remain General Data Protection Regulation compliant.

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